Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

About Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Idaho Grass Fed Beef

Desert Mountain grass fed beef LLC was created by family ranchers to market a high quality 100% grass-fed beef product to a caring consumer. The original founding families are Wilsey ranch from Marsing Idaho and Howard ranches from Hammett Idaho.

About our beef company, we were formed as a vehicle to market our cattle thru the company. It is run on 3% of the gross with all other proceeds going directly back to the rancher who raised the cattle. The cattle owners also purchase pasture and forage from different ranchers and farmers at a price which we allow them to set so they can be sustainable. We have found this arrangement is making strong bonds. We also stay in touch with the retailers to help them stay sustainable as we are all in this together.

The complete chain of Desert Mountain ranchers, farmers, processor partners, retailers, and consumers are working toward the “Good of the whole,” to be generational and sustainable on this earth.

A Desert Mountain rancher’s part of the circle is to take their amount of rain and sunshine to produce a usable protein and maintain or improve the environment that this is done in.

A Desert mountain farmer’s part of the circle is to grow forage and cover crops that will feed the cattle, at the same time improving the fertility, microbes and mineral balance of the soils on their farms, while reducing wind and water erosion.

A Desert Mountain processor partner will respectfully process our animals with humane, sanitary, quality people in a USDA inspected plant that has a USDA inspector to test each animal.

A Desert Mountain retail partner’s part of the circle is to deliver this high quality beef product to the consumer with high quality, friendly, caring, honest people. While doing this they collect the revenue that is re-distributed thru the circle.

A Desert Mountain consumer’s part of the circle is to research the benefits this product has and vote with their shopping dollars to do the right things for the right reasons while enjoying a great tasting healthy protein.