Our Story

We're Western Ranchers Responsibly Raising Beef for Consumer Purchase Through High-Quality Food Retailers and Restaurants.

Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef was created by family ranchers to raise high-quality, 100% grass-fed beef to a caring consumer. The original founding families are Wilsey ranch from Marsing, Idaho, and Howard ranches from Hammett, Idaho. Today, Desert Mountain has grown into a co-operative of more than 20 ranching and farming families across the Inland Northwest.

“We are a circle of families, farmers, and ranchers stewarding our land, our animals, and the people for whom ethically and humanely raised grass-fed beef matters.”

For us, animal welfare is a belief, not a program. Desert Mountain cattle are raised entirely free of confinement on farmlands, pastures, grasslands, and rangelands. All Desert Mountain families practice low-stress livestock handling. There is no ranch so large in our co-op that family members and trusted ranch hands don’t directly oversee our cattle’s health and well-being. Desert Mountain cattle are 100% rancher-owned from birth to harvest.

We raise a breed of cattle of Japanese origin called Akaushi. Some people call it “red wagyu.” We call it perfect. Akaushi genetics provide the kind of marbling that our customers want in their beef. If you’ve ever eaten a grass-fed steak that was tough, lean or gamey – it wasn’t one of ours. Using Akaushi cattle is part of what sets us apart from other grass-fed producers. If it wasn’t good, you wouldn’t find it in so many grocery stores across the West.

Our family ranches are located in a diverse range of ecosystems – from rolling Idaho camas prairie to Ponderosa-ringed meadows, from the sun-kissed golden hills of northern California to the rangelands of the Great Basin. By working together as a single ranch, we emulate the relationship agricultural families have had with each other for centuries. Our group makes decisions by 100% consensus, which means every family is behind how we do business. Every decision we make is truly a collaborative effort.

The complete chain of Desert Mountain includes ranchers, farmers, retailers, and consumers – and we’re all toward a greater good. It’s our utmost goal to be regenerative and sustainable on this earth, to preserve what we love about agriculture, rural communities, and the environment. It’s a job we take seriously, and you honor us by buying our beef at the grocery store. Thank you… and welcome to our family!