Wilsey Ranch

Wilsey Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch for over 30 years in Idaho, by fourth generation ranchers. Located in the Northern End of the Owyhee Mountains; Ed and Debby Wilsey, Lisa Wilsey, Rachel and Jake Higgins and daughter Hayden manage the current daily operations of the ranch.

We have a strong belief that in order to produce an environmentally friendly, ethical product that it must start with healthy soil. In 2011 Ed and Debby were recognized for the many water projects, no till planting and pasture rotation as Owyhee Conservationist of the Year. Ed and Debby were also founding members of The Boise Farmers Market who prides itself in being a producers market.

Our cattle, a Devon and Simmental cross are bred to Akaushi bulls for a tender quality product. The cattle are bred to thrive on the desert soil, run on intensively managed range land in the Owyhee Mountains, feeding on a unique mix of grass and forbs. We supplement them with ranch-raised hay in the winter months, and they are finished on irrigated meadows in the summer. They are given no hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts, or genetically modified feeds; we handle our animals humanely and with respect while providing them with a minimally stress free life.

The year begins for us with calving February- March at the ranch. This gives our calves’ time to grow before going out to Spring/Summer allotments. We work calves at 2 months old giving them preventative vaccines and neuter the males. Throughout the Spring and Summer the calves feed from their mothers giving them the best nutrients possible, milk until their able to digest forbs and grass on their own. In October we ween our calves off their mothers and put them in the fields to continue to grow.

Our mission is to produce a healthy, nutritious, sustainable product, with a minimal impact on the environment. We care for the animals and land humanely with the goal to pass on to our future generations.