Rockwell Ranch

Vale, Oregon

We are Matt, Marianne and Riata Rockwell from Vale, Oregon. Matt was raised in Central Idaho and Kodiak, Alaska. Living in both of those places, he developed a love of the outdoors, animals and ranching. I was raised in Grangeville, Idaho, where three generations before me made their living off the land – logging, ranching, farming and real estate.

Our family shares a love of animals, whether it’s horses, cattle or our pets, and providing a healthy and natural environment for them.

Our ranch is located in Eastern Oregon, along the Oregon Trail, in the largest cattle producing county in Oregon. We grow hay and pasture on irrigated land, where we practice intense management grazing. Our yearlings spend their summer on higher elevation pasture in Grangeville, Idaho, thriving on the lush grass and cooler temperatures. From Grangeville, they go to the Desert-Mountain finishing pastures.

We use grazing techniques that build the soil rather than depleting it, staying away from commercial fertilizer, GMO crops and pesticides. We believe in improving the land to pass on to the next generation.

Our goal is to produce clean, wholesome beef – the way Mother Nature intended!