Ross and Kelly McGarva

Lakeview, Oregon

When Ross and Kelly McGarva got married in 1985 they quickly embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship in the beef industry. Modoc Beef, their first business venture, was the first certified All-Natural label on the West Coast. Though it was before its time, Modoc Beef sought to provide a healthy, natural beef product sourced from local producers, during the beginnings of the health food movement. Over the years, Ross and Kelly grew their portfolio and eventually settled their family in Lakeview, Oregon. When the opportunity to purchase the local slaughter plant came along, the McGarvas were just the family to revive the old processing plant. With their years of experience, the family was able to transform the standard butcher shop into a unique local specialty market with a full service meat case, cheese cases, beer and wine selections from around the world, and a catering business on the side all while still serving the needs of local ranchers in need of livestock processing. During their time operating Lakeview Lockers, the McGarvas gained a wealth of insight into what the consumer truly wanted in a beef product. The direct to consumer contact gave them a window into the future of the beef industry, so when their old friends Dick and Mary Bradbury approached them about a new 100% grass-fed beef program called Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef, they were happy to join in the rancher owned and operated business.

In 2015, Ross’ parents decided to retire after many years as cow/calf producers in Likely, California and Ross and Kelly stepped in to take over the family’s historic ranch. Soon after taking over, their daughter Lydia and her now-husband decided they wanted to build their family on the ranch and moved from South Carolina to join Ross and Kelly. Now, The McGarva Ranch in Likely, California has been converted from conventional to all certified organic pastures and the family practices sustainable, diversified livestock agriculture with their cattle and goat herds. With a desire to maintain the integrity of their land and their business in a way that makes a life in agriculture possible for future generations, Ross and Kelly McGarva and Kenneth and Lydia Kyle are proud to be producers of 100% grass-fed and finished beef through Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef.