Jones Family Ranch

Glenn's Ferry, Idaho

Want beef? We got it. Want alfalfa? We got it. Want cantaloupe? We got that, too. Organic? You bet. At the height of harvest, we at King’s Crown Organic Farm have our hands full of organic cattle, hay, sweet and feed corn, onions, potatoes, squash, dry beans, melons, eggplant, eggs, pigs, bees and lots more. We grow healthy food without herbicides, pesticides or hormones for our family, for our livestock and for you.

King’s Crown Organic Farm was started in southern Idaho by owner Nate Jones roughly 30 years ago. A third generation farmer and rancher, Nate learned about animal and plant husbandry from working with his father. After renting the farm from his father for a handful of years, Nate turned to organic methods and certification and grew the farm to about 700 acres. Today, not only is King’s Crown food rich with nutrients, but our soil and surrounding vegetation is too; crop rotation and cover crops replenish soil structure, bees pollinate, cows and chickens poop, we till and weed, and the results are amazing. Every step of the organic process helps the soil on which we depend regenerate, naturally. Growing alongside our crop edges are border habitats for species from birds to beaver, animals important to healthy, working landscapes. In addition to healthy ecosystems, we believe that organic farming grows healthy bodies. Farming and ranching organically helps promote freedom from industrial chemicals for our family, our customers and our employees.

The size of our work crew waxes and wanes throughout the year; weeding in the summer and packaging in the fall demand a lot of hands. Full-time, year-round work is managed by a few key employees in addition to Nate, including Nate's son, Wilder. Wilder took a few years off University to return to the farm and learn the trade. He’s returned to school to study Ecological Restoration and plans to come home during summer breaks to demonstrate what he’s learned, and to help the farm grow ever more sustainable. Working in the background is Nate’s wife Colleen. With a masters in Natural Resources Management, Colleen has a keen interest in whole system’s management. She owns a bakery business of her own which demands most of her time, but Colleen has particular interest in DMGFB and is growing more involved in the ranching side of the farm.

King’s Crown Organic Farm is a busy place, and we love what we do. We work hard to maintain a sustainable system, where alfalfa, wild rabbits and coyotes can co-exist and where production can
thrive. We love to show how a family can raise large, healthy crops and livestock while respecting and promoting a healthy natural environment. Our products are a testament to the fact that organic farming and ranching can be just as delicious as it is nutritious – for our bodies and our land!