Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef is good for the environment

When you choose to feed your family Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef you are choosing a beef product that is high-quality, sustainable, and great for the environment.

Our ranchers are located in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and northern California. Between all of us, we have the resources to keep cattle on pasture for the majority of the year. We feel like this is one of the most exceptional things we do at Desert Mountain, to work together sharing pasture resources the way agricultural families have done for centuries. 

Local Agriculture

Every farm and ranch in our co-operative is family-owned. That means when you do business with us, you’re supporting small-scale, family agriculture. We aim to be profitable in a way that keeps ranching viable for our kids, and our kids’ kids. We hope that they’ll someday want to come back to the family farm or ranch.

Here’s why that matters: Land is our biggest asset. It’s the giver of everything we produce. Our utmost priority is caring for the land so it will continue care for us, generation after generation after generation.

Soil Health

The relationship between grasses and grazers (like cows) is as old as time itself. An emerging field of science suggests livestock play a crucial role in regenerating soil health, chiefly by bolstering the carbon and organic matter in soils over time. Done right, grazing is one of the few carbon sinks available to us. All our farmers and ranchers are committed to practicing agriculture in a way that leaves the planet a better place. It’s a self-serving mission—the healthier our soils are, the more grass we grow.

Land Stewardship

Private agricultural lands are important wildlife habitat, especially for birds. When small-scale agriculture is profitable for families, it means agricultural lands stay in production, keeping them safe from development. As more and more of the West is divided and developed, we aim to keep what we have in production for our cattle and resident wildlife.