Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Where To Find Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Bittercreek Ale House

Idaho Grass Fed Beef

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Food Transparency – The Story of What We Eat

We curate food on the basis of flavor, distance traveled, and the relationships we have with farmers and artisanal producers who are as thoughtful about their products as we try to be with ours. We do not get all of our food locally. Sourcing food locally and ethically is challenging and the details are a conversation that would require at least a couple of well-crafted beverages. Our desire is to do good by making local and ethically produced food our first priority, never overstating what we actually do, and encouraging you to inquire what we actually do. This list does not include all of our food sources but it does represent many of the small, local and/or direct-source, independent, and hard-working folks that make us proud

We are proud to feature our beef in one of Boise’s favorite Brew Pubs.

Next time you’re thirsty and/or hungry head on down to 8th Street. You won’t be disappointed:

246 N. 8th Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 345-1813