Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

Team Members

Elder Ranch

The Elder family began ranching in Lake County, Oregon, in 1874 and we (Rob & Kristi) are now operating in Malheur County, Oregon. We are a fourth generation cattle ranch with the fifth generation – our four kids (all adults now) – helping in the ranch activities and decisions. Our youngest daughter Lacey is working on the ranch and building her own herd with us. Our other kids (oldest daughter Amy, second daughter Randi and husband Mike, and our youngest son Jack) help out when they can with ranch activities and marketing opportunities. Our ranch is located in Riverside, Oregon, in Malheur County, where the Middle Fork and the South Fork of the Malheur River’s come together below Warm Springs Reservoir. Many say we are “just past nowhere.”

Our cattle graze out on pastures while enjoying the Eastern Oregon high desert sunshine, much like our forefathers did. We have the cows in Riverside during the late fall, winter and spring months, and they spend the summer and early fall enjoying the mountain country of the Malheur National Forest.

We are very excited to be a part of Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef. We take a lot of pride in the care we give our cattle and our land so both will continue to provide good healthy feed for our animals and to provide us with a sustainable way of life that we can continue to pass down to the generations coming up.