Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef

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Cabarton Ranch

The Cabarton Ranch was a thriving railroad town in the early 1920s, fueled by a local lumber economy in west-central Idaho’s Long Valley. Today cows graze over the old town site, and the ranch is worked by three generations of the Bequette family.

The Cabarton is home to many different types of ecosystems. From camas prairie to coniferous forest, cows on the Cabarton are seldom lacking in variety when it comes to things to eat. Our family’s cows head south for the winter, spending the cold months under the watchful eye of our fellow Desert Mountain neighbors and friends. The cows love south-central Idaho… we can practically see them with little umbrellas in their cocktails, wagging a cloven toe at us under several feet of snow. West-central Idaho is becoming better known for its skiing than its local ranching community, but we aim to be a stalwart of the latter.