Our Mission: Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef

ABOUT Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef:

Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef is a cooperative of family ranches, speckled throughout the northwestern region of the US of A. We are committed to providing a high-quality, 100% grass fed, grass finished beef product for all to enjoy!

Our mission:

Our mission is to raise a sustainable, great tasting product in a humane manner. Promoting transparent relationships between all partners in the production circle.

We are devoted at Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef to promote the health of our animals, the health of the land, the health of the communities in which we live, and the health of our families.

Wilsey Ranch

All of our family ranches and our processing facility are third party verified by Global Animal Partnerships- Step 4 certified.  (Global Animal Partnership). We care about our animals. We treat our cattle with respect. They live stress- free lives, foraging on native grasses, and are 100% hormone and antibiotic free.


Our goal is to do the right things for the right reasons.

To promote the health of our animals, the land, our communities and our families.


Join us in our journey of HEALTH!

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