Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef: BLOG Maiden Voyage!!

Idaho Grass Fed Beef

First off!!!!↓↓↓↓

We are so excited to have a BLOG up and running! We cannot wait to share with you more of OUR story! πŸ™‚


We want our consumers to follow along with us on this intriguing journey of 100% GRASS FED/ GRASS FINISHED cattle ranching. We are committed to:

  • Humane animal practices (GAP 4 certified).

  • Sustainable ranching practices.

  • Providing the highest quality grass fed beef.

  • Maintaining a transparent relationship with our consumers and our retail partners.

  • USA born and raised cattle on our family member ranches.

Follow along with us as we post weekly Rancher Bios/ Desert Mountain Grass fed pictures and real stories of Ranch Life!!

We can’t wait to see where this piece of our journey takes us!

Until Next Time!!!

Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef

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