Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef


100% Idaho-Raised Grass-Fed Beef

Idaho Grass Fed Beef

You should know where your food comes from

All of our cattle is raised right here in Idaho. Our animals graze in McCall, Cascade, Hammett and Grandview. When you eat Desert Mountain Beef you are eating Desert Mountain Beef. Our meat is NEVER cut or mixed with mysterious beef.

Check the label. If a ground beef label says “Product of Mexico, Idaho, California, Brazil, Oregon and Idaho” don’t eat it. If the beef producer can’t tell you exactly where your food was raised who knows where it came from, what kind of life it had or how it was treated.

you should know what your food ate

Our cows never enter a feed lot, never eat corn and are never injected with hormones. When we say our animals are grass-fed, that’s what we mean. Our animals openly graze in some of the most scenic and tranquil settings in the country, right here in Idaho eating nothing but clean Idaho wild grasses.